While presenting the Lonesome Dave's FOGHAT "20th Anniversary Tour" in Bisbee, AZ (June 1993) Dave Baker's partner for the event, Mr. John Silver, said one afternoon "If we  make it through all of the multitudes of stuff we still have left to do by weeks end, it will be BLIND LUCK! "  Hence, Blind Luck Productions has been the trademark for the most professional and affordable lighting, sound, and live music event management support available to Arizona and Southern California customers.

Blind Luck's President and Chief Engineer is the foundation of the Company, providing diverse solutions to live music productions for both Nightclub Owners, Bands, and/or Band Managers that are looking for the most Professional, Experienced, and Affordable Engineering, Managerial, and Live Performance Support Services available.

Blind Luck Productions has demonstrated success in the industry with experience meeting both U.S and European-based customer requirements.  These includes a touring role as the Special Lighting Effects Engineer for Nocturne Productions during the U2 "Joshua Tree World Tour" in 1987, Event Manager for Lonesome Dave's Foghat in Bisbee AZ, lighting and staging support with Mr. Peter Clark and Supermick Lighting during the the "Second Annual Prince's Trust" in Wembley, London, England, and as a contributor for the crew at Rod Stewart's show at the Cook Convention Center, Memphis TN. during the "Out Of Order" Tour.

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